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The key to effectively providing and supporting modern security systems is to be able to access a full range of quality security products from experienced suppliers and have experienced technicians readily available to respond to the appropriate level required

The Waikato District Technology Trust was formed to fund and implement effective CCTV systems into the Huntly and Ngaruawahia town areas and has been more recently expanded to Raglan and the Raglan Surfclub areas. The systems are structured to supply Police with useable and accessible surveillance technology to support their core activities. The base standard is a 2 Megapixel camera with both housing and vandal domes in use, as well as a 5 Megapixel with night-profile camera to capture license plates at the Raglan surfclub. Each installation comprises a CCTV server located at the respective Police Station with megapixel IP cameras deployed over proprietary wireless links, providing the Police with 24/7 access to live streams and recorded footage. Monitoring of the system is conducted by Police personnel and designated community volunteers.

Waikato Districts Crime Prevention Technology Trust
– Huntly, Ngaruawahi, Raglan Town CCTV Systems
– Vivotek CCTV Platform

Duration: 2012 – present

Cornerstone Security was engaged by Glendowie College in 2013 to develop a methodology for the College to progressively upgrade their CCTV infrastructure and transition to a modern IP based CCTV platform.
In 2015 Andrew implemented a cost-effective hybrid recording platform enabling the College to operate with both its older analogue cameras and the gradual introduction of high resolution IP cameras.
More recently he has transitioned the system to a single IP based CCTV platform, continuing the progressive update to high resolution IP cameras and enabling the College to accommodate its CCTV expansion requirements into the foreseeable future.
Cornerstone now works with Glendowie College across its alarms, access and gate control systems.  It has prepared as-built documentation for these systems to provide a solid grounding for future maintenance and upgrade decisions.

Pacific Property Management have provided property management services to high rise apartment body corporate clients in central Auckland since 2006. Today they service an impressive list of some of central Auckland’s most desirable apartment buildings. PPM Director Edward Rees-Webbe engaged Cornerstone Security in 2018 to attend to service issues on various sites. Cornerstone’s level of expertise, prompt service & response, and encouraged by Cornerstone’s ability to successfully resolve issues other providers had not been able to master, prompted Edward to elevate Cornerstone to preferred supplier status.
To date Cornerstone have worked with PPM to increase the level of security for their client’s carpark areas through a professionally managed system for encoding & tracking remotes, upgrading & adding security cameras, resolving issues with multi-apartment intercoms, providing maintenance on access control systems as well as scoping work to provide significantly increased access control & security to assist their clients with budget processes.
Here at Cornerstone we know exactly how much our client’s time is worth. Dealing with multiple security providers across the multiple sites & systems they manage is an incredibly unproductive use of their resources. As such we pride ourselves on attracting the highest level of technical practitioners the industry has to offer & to supporting them with the systems and tools that allows us to provide the highest level of service and support across our organisation. Our dedication to this cause enables Cornerstone to continually develop & improve our service offering meaning our clients can in turn increase the value they provide on each of their sites.

The Waiuku Business Association first engaged Cornerstone Security to provide service & system support for their CCTV assets in 2013. The existing CCTV system at that time consisted of separate CCTV recorders deployed to various locations within the central business district. The limitation of this system design was the inability to access views from all the CCTV assets from a single interface & being dependent on the host site’s internet for remote viewing & search capability. With a system upgrade looming the town manager Sharlene Druyven asked Andrew to come up with a design that would allow the association to upgrade to high quality cameras, some with the ability to read vehicle license plates & to have all cameras linked back to a central recording system.
In late 2016 Cornerstone successfully completed installation of the new system consisting of an expandable Avigilon CCTV server, 46 cameras and 4 CCTV hubs linked via a secure wireless point to point network. Working closely with local Police the town management team subsequently identified 4 additional sites that required CCTV coverage & once funding was secured Cornerstone were then able to roll out these extensions & integrate them to the recording platform bringing total cameras numbers to 56, 4 of which are capable of reading vehicle license plates.
A significant milestone was reached in recent years when the local Police station was linked to the CCTV network allowing them to access 24/7 views throughout the local area as well as enabling them to perform their own customised searches to assist with investigations.
The CCTV project has been an unparalleled success both in terms of assisting in resolving issues, discouraging unwanted behaviour & providing citizens a greater sense of security when they are out and about in their community.

This system was designed for town street surveillance within the central business area. Township surveillance: design and installation of a street surveillance system, comprising 2 servers and 24 cameras, which cover general street views as well as specific trouble spots. The system has 3 x License Plate Recognition Cameras. General view cameras are vandal-proof infra-red dome cameras with appropriate vari-focal lenses to view target areas. More recent camera installations have moved to a 3 Megapixel Vandal Dome standard. The town Police Station can view cameras live and playback via broadband connections to each server. Police’s Northern Comms also have access to view cameras live and playback. Although primarily used by Police, specific members of the Business Association also view cameras live and playback.

Waiuku Town Surveillance with LPR
– Waiuku Business and Development Association
 Avigilon CCTV Platform

Duration: 2007 – present

This system was designed to provide the ability to capture license plates of offending vehicles and surveillance of walk way traffic at key points. Business District surveillance: design and installation of a street surveillance system, comprising 3 video servers and 6 cameras, which license plate capture on both lanes entering the business district with supporting cameras providing general views. Cameras are vandal-proof dome cameras for general/supporting views, and use of specialist LPR camera dedicated to capture of license plates.

Mahunga Drive LPR Community Surveillance
– South Harbour Business Association and Manukau District Council
– Avigilon CCTV Platform

Duration: 2010 – present Project

Franchisees Sam & Angela Maharaj wanted to create a truly safe working environment for their staff and asked Cornerstone to recommend a system that would provide world-class protection for their staff with special attention to those working after hours shifts. Cornerstone brought their experience in working with duress alert systems to the fore and implemented a system across their sites to ensure staff could generate multi-level alerts dependent on the situation, right through to direct instruction for Police to attend with urgency. The system combines both wired and wireless duress buttons and pendants that can be worn so staff has the ability to generate alerts where ever they may be.
Cornerstone also created a system whereby the Manager can secure all entry points to the building during late service times giving them complete control over, and verification of, persons entering or exiting the building during these times. Organization’s Health & Safety concerns for their staff have been a key driver in creating astute applications of electronic security measures in recent times and at Cornerstone, we relish the opportunity to bring our expertise to this arena. Sam & Angela’s staff can now be secure in the knowledge that they can instantly call upon the support they require whatever the eventuality

Case Studies

Andrew Waugh has been personally involved with the successfully completed surveillance systems for a large number of businesses, local authorities and business associations within the wider Auckland and Waikato regions. Outlined below are a number of projects that demonstrate our ability to successfully complete projects of single or multiple site surveillance systems, resolve issues and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Mahunga Drive LPR Community Surveilance

Design of system
Installation of system
Networking system
Liaison with local businesses, local police and community
Maintenance, repair, and ongoing support.

Waikato Districts Crime Prevention Technology Trust

Design and installation of wireless system
Specification and installation of Megapixel IP cameras
Ongoing training and support

Waikato Town Surveillance with LPR

Design and installation of town cameras
Integration with Police Station
Integration with Northern Comms
Liaison with local businesses, business association and police
Maintenance and ongoing support

Glendowie College

Design of system
Installation of system
Networking System
Ongoing Support

Pacific Property Management

24/7 support of high rise apartments.
Integrated support across alarm,
access control, CCTV & intercom platforms

Waiuku Business Association

Design and installation of town cameras
Integration with Police Station
Integration with Northern Comms
Liaison with local businesses and police
Maintenance and ongoing support

McDonalds – Maharaj Corp

System to monitor working after hour shifts
System to generate multi-level alerts
System to secure all entry points to the building

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